Thursday, July 18, 2013

Urban Fleurs

I drive by this long wall of flowers on Route 7 every day and every time I think how much I love it. On one of the busiest streets in Northern Virginia, amidst office buildings and the mall, this long curved concrete wall has been totally covered in flowers since the spring. Such a sight! The other day I made myself stop and take some pictures and look at how they did it. There is a wooden lattice-like structure attached to the concrete, and then each section has window box-like plastic bags that are attached to the wood and the plants are planted in those. There must be hundreds, maybe thousands, of those plastic bags. It looks like they used mostly verbena, million bells, and petunias. There must be an irrigation system in the mulch below it, because believe me these plants are baking in the sun, and they have survived so far in the heat, since at least May. I wonder if they will replant them in the fall?  I love to take notice of the landscaping around urban areas and see the imaginative ways some landscapers enliven our space.

This shows some of the architecture behind the plants

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