Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fleurs

I tried my best to get some pictures of the fireworks last night,  but this was the best I could do. Obviously I have a lot to learn. We had a quiet day yesterday, mostly spent outside trying to tidy up the garden.  And it was so HOT.  Looks like we are in for several days of really hot and steamy weather. Walt also spent several hours assembling our new gas grill--my dad's old Weber grill finally bit the dust after 20 plus years. Not bad, but I'm sad to see it go!

I haven't taken any flower pictures lately, so here's a glimpse at what is blooming in my garden right now. I love these drumstick alliums--they are a bulb I planted  several years ago. The trick is not to pull them out in the spring when they start coming up--they look just like wild onions and I have definitely done that and then wondered where they were.

This is Eryngium--it is such an interesting color of blue, it almost looks artificial.


Phlox 'Franz Schubert'


Begonias and million bells in pots

I also started pulling out the larkspur and of course scattered its seeds all around the garden so that I will have it again next year.

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