Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunny Succulents

The plants that are really happy in this heat are definitely my succulents. I have quite a collection now, I try to pick up a new one every year and after several years, I have a lot of different varieties. I don't really know their names, I know they are sedums and echeverias,  I just get what I like. I find I like these succulents more and more,  as they thrive in our hot summers and need very little care.

I think what I like the most are their different textures.  Some are spikey, others are smooth like stones, some are rosettes, big and small. Some leaves are smooth, others ruffled.  The colors, too, are so varied- dark green, silvery green, bluish gray, variegated,  almost black,  chartreuse. There's lots of creative things you can do with succulents, too, like make wreaths, dish gardens, and all kinds of hanging gardens. All you have to do is look on Pinterest to see what people are doing with succulents. I am just happy to put them in interesting containers.

I have had one or two struggle this summer because of the rain. They were in a spot that got drenched and if there's one thing succulents do not like, it's too much water.


Echeveria 'Topsy Turvy'

Variegated sedum

Echeveria 'Ruffles'

Echeveria blooms

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