Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday Drive, Fall

Yesterday was such a beautiful fall day, so we decided to take a drive out Route 7 towards Round Hill and get some apples. After getting the apples (and an apple pie, too), we took some back roads through horse country and got some beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The leaves are still a week or so away from peak color, but it's always such a joy to see our beautiful Virginia countryside with its wide open spaces, miles and miles of stacked stone walls, the allĂ©es of trees,  the horse farms, the big old trees, the little stone buildings and houses, and always the backdrop of the mountains. After the congestion and craziness of Northern Virginia, it feels so good to know there is still all this beautiful open land not so far away.  We ended up in Middleburg, walked around for a bit and had a coffee, and then headed home.

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