Monday, October 14, 2013

The Poacher's Son

My friend JoAnn recommended this book to me after we got home from Maine. It is the first in a series (four so far) of light mysteries about 24-year-old Mike Bowditch, a rookie game warden in the North Woods of Maine. His long-time girlfriend has left him, he doesn't have much of a family, and Mike likes the isolation and solitude of his job in Maine’s wilderness. His job is to protect the wildlife and woods, and to enforce the hunting and boating laws on the small lakes. He is soon caught up in a murder investigation in which his deadbeat father—a poacher—is the main suspect in the murders of a timber executive and a cop. As Mike tries to prove to everyone and himself that his father is innocent, we learn about his childhood and some of the reasons he likes being alone in the woods. It’s a good story, and the descriptions of the Maine woods, the hunting camps, the hidden lakes, and the wild landscape,  are great, even though it’s quite a bit different from the coastal Maine that I know. I thought Mike was kind of a weak character,  but I'm sure he develops more in the next books.

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