Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Trip to Landis Farm

Prudy, Judy, Eileen, and me in Lancaster County, PA

Eileen, Prudy, Judy, and I are on our way to Pennsylvania today for our fall weekend. I know, it seems like we go there a lot, even Julia said to me the other day 'aren't you going there more often these days?' We always go in the spring for plant shopping and in the fall for holiday shopping, but we have made a few extra trips this year. There's a quilt show in March we like to see, and then the picture above was taken in August, when we went up for Evie and Earl's 50th anniversary party that was given by their children. This fall trip is definitely less pressure than in the spring when we are buying 10, 000 plants and stuffing them and hanging them in our cars. In the fall we visit all our favorite little Amish markets, buy quarts of vegetable soup at a local church fair (to bring home), buy chocolate for the holidays at Wilburs, and buy *bacon* at our favorite home away from home, Weavers Market. We used to do holiday shopping and craft fairs on this fall trip, but none of us do much of that any more, and we certainly don't need one more Christmas decoration. But it's always fun to look.

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