Monday, April 7, 2014

Early Bluebells at Riverbend

Got lots done in the garden on Sunday~~more weeding, fed my roses and hydrangeas,  spread bone meal on all the perennials. Walt edged the garden beds, cut back the crazy autumn clematis, and cleaned out the garage. I brought out the last of the succulents,  planted more pansies~~it was a good day.

In between garden chores, we went to Riverbend Park in Great Falls because I wanted to see if the bluebells were blooming yet. They had just started, so while it wasn't quite the sea of blue yet that I like,  it was still nice to see the blues beginning,  as well as several other varieties of wildflowers. Another week and it will be a stunning walk along the Potomac, with acres and acres of bluebells. Bluebells and other early wildflowers are 'spring ephemerals,' or flowers that take advantage of the sunlight hitting the forest floor before the trees leaf out and close off the sun. By May all traces of them will be gone. Bluebells ('Mertensia virginica') are native to Virginia. My fav Virginia gardener Thomas Jefferson grew bluebells at Monticello.

One interesting fact I learned is that the bluebells at Riverbend were not planted by anyone. The river, wildlife, and climate all have pitched in to create this native garden. Pretty amazing.

I loved these trees that were blooming yellow. Such a great pop of color. Not sure what they are, looking them up they may be cornelian cherry dogwoods (cornelius mas)? So cheery.

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