Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Week of April in the Garden

This week, 2014

I've been looking through my garden journal to see when the daffodils have started to bloom in the past (usually March 23-25),  and looking at pictures just shows how far behind we are. The picture above is my front perennial garden on April 1 this week, and the picture below is my garden on April 1, 2012. What a difference in color!  The redbud is blooming! The tall snowdrops are blooming! Even tulips. I know we just need a few days of warm temps, but come on. Usually my cherry tree is blooming on April 1 too.  I just checked and there's just a hint of buds. The redbud tree shows no sign of color.  The snowdrop are just a few inches high. I keep checking the D.C. cherry blossom site and it looks like another week before they are in bloom (peak bloom estimate April 8-12). I've also been checking on the bluebells at Riverbend Park, too, because I don't want to miss them and it looks like next week is the week to catch those.

Okay, enough complaining. It will happen.

This week, 2012

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