Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello Peonies

Herbaceous peonies

One of the chores I accomplished in le jardin this weekend was staking my peonies. A few years ago I bought these peony supports that let the herbaceous peonies grow through them and then support the stems.  They have been a great success, no more droopy blooms on the ground.  I have a lot of peonies but I only support the ones in the front garden. The only problem is you have to set the supports before the growing stems get too tall, and they grow so fast in the spring.  I have another row of peonies on the side of my garage and they seem to stand up straighter there--maybe it's because they are in direct sun all day. Anyway, I don't bother with those. My tree peony is another story, it is so big now that I construct an elaborate system of stakes and twine trying to keep it more upright. I want those gorgeous blooms to show at their best!  Doesn't look great right now but once the foliage comes in you don't see any of the supports.

Herbaceous peonies
 My tree peony always blooms around May 1-- a week or so before the herbaceous peonies. I think it may bloom a little later this year, though, we'll see. Everything is a little delayed this spring. But things are looking good!

Tree peony staked

Tree peony

Tree peony in bud

Front perennial garden, April 22

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