Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring at Meadowlark


As I sit here it is pouring rain, 49 chilly degrees, and it's going to rain like this (even harder) the next few days. We had a beautiful weekend and because I knew the rain was coming, I got a lot done in the garden. I planted a few new perennials to fill in some empty areas--two new 'Peppermint Stick'  phlox and some new edging plants, Oregano 'Kent Beauty.' I also bought a new Japanese Forest Grass, 'All Gold,' a bright lime green to plant in a shady spot under the pine trees. I also dug up and divided a bunch of perennials to spread around-- some geraniums, heuchera,  nepeta,  and lambs ears. This rain will help them all settle in nicely. If it was a little warmer, I would have planted some zinnia seeds, but those will have to wait.


On Sunday, we went to a yummy brunch at Eileen's house, to celebrate Prudy's retirement. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful afternoon. On our way home in the afternoon, we stopped for a walk at Meadowlark Gardens, mostly because I wanted to see the crabapple trees in bloom. They were, but must be a little past their prime because they weren't as spectacular as I remember them in years past. But there was plenty to see in bloom, all the wildflowers and flowering tree and tulips. We walk there a lot, and it just reminded me how wonderful it is to see everything greening up and to see color again. The peonies were all in bud, but it will be another few weeks before they are blooming.

Purple and white tulips


Jack in the pulpit

White bleeding heart


Grape hyacinth

White garden

White tulips

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