Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Commuting Drama

I drive to work down Route 7 (Leesburg Pike) most days, where they are in the process of extending the metro from Vienna out towards us-- Reston/Herndon--and building four metro stations at Tysons Corner.  I pass all this construction every day, and it is really fascinating to watch the progress they are making. And the size of everything-- masssssive.  The machines, the concrete, the connector thingys, everything is huge. It makes me wonder who are these people who figure this all out, who are the companies that manufacture these enormous machines, these huge concrete pieces. That yellow thing is about 1/4 mile long (well maybe I'm exaggerating a bit). There was an article in the Post about how they even got it to the site--they had to close down the Beltway. Anyway, it is kind of a hassle, the lanes are always changing, trucks are always pulling out,  and backups are common, but I kinda like it. I like sitting at the red lights and pulling out my camera and documenting the progress, and imagining what it is going to be like when trains are zooming past us commuters on Route 7.  And one day--one day--we will have the metro all the way out to Reston/Herndon. How cool is that?

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