Friday, September 9, 2011

Phew That Was Alot of Rain!

Wow did we ever have a lot of rain yesterday.  I went out in the morning and took these pictures in the rain, before the torrential rains started. And continued for hours. And hours. Hard, violent rain. I don't remember ever having so much hard rain. Our backyard has a river running through it.  The poor spiders have probably lost their intricate webs. Tree branches are bent over with rain. Plants are smooshed. Walks are washed away. Anyway...before the deluge, I was taking a "walkabout" as Margaret Roach calls it,  assessing the garden and thinking about the things I need/want to do in the garden this fall. Always lots to do.

The first thing I want to do (or have my garden boy do!) is to dig out a whole section of hostas, siberian iris, and lily of the valley (below) in my front garden. The hostas are just common ones, the siberian iris is pretty for about 5 minutes, and I have tons of lily of the valley elsewhere.  They are mostly hidden by the massive tree peony, and the whole area just looks messy most of the summer. I think I will pull them all out and maybe plant a few tried and true sedums 'Autumn Joy,' that will look good most of the time. Or maybe just let the tree peony be the star of the show. No, will definitely plant something there.

Oh, and it's still raining this morning--hard. Yikes.

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