Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cornus 'Kousa'

My Kousa dogwood is so pretty right now that it made me want to look back at pictures of it earlier in the season.  The pictures above are of the Kousa just leafing out in April, then in May, when it was in full bloom. It's funny, some years the blooms are sparse, and other years it is covered with masses of bloom. This spring was a good one, it was literally covered with the snowy white blooms.  I wonder if it is related to the amount of rainfall we get?

After the flowers come these berries in July and August. Supposedly they are edible.

The fruit gradually turn pinkish,  then red in late August and September, and look at them now! So pretty. The birds love them, and I find half-eaten fruit in the grass.

It almost looks like an apple tree! In the fall the leaves will turn a purplish red. Lots of interest all year round from this tree.

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