Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Now doesn't he look cute?
Well, it's officially the end of summer. Back to school tomorrow in Virginia. I have to admit I don't miss the back to school thing when I see the young mothers in Target buying back to school supplies. The library will be so quiet tomorrow!  I worked on Saturday and it's always funny how busy we are, with kids coming in looking for their summer reading books which I guess they are thinking they are going to read before Tuesday. Saturday night we went to see The Help, which I liked a lot. I think I may have liked it more than the book, which is unusual, usually it's the other way around.

What a boring picture, but what a nice clean deck!
Then yesterday we cleaned our deck. These Trex decks seem to have a problem with mildew, but Olympic Deck Cleaner is a-maaazing. That took most of the morning and then I worked in the gardens for awhile, deadheading, pruning, the usuals. I like how some plants start to rejuvenate a little in the fall. I'm sure it's the cooler weather, maybe the little bit shorter days...In the afternoon, I drove out to Jill's house in Bristow to take Halle a gift from Evie. It was nice to see Jill and Drew and the girls--they have had a busy summer but the girls seem excited about starting school tomorrow, and are happy about their teachers. After leaving, I then stopped at the big, new (to me) Merrifield Garden Center in Gainesville--wow, it is amazing. It has to be 10 times as big as the one I go to in Fairfax.  I will be going back there. They even sell Virginia wines there. I bet it will be great at Christmas time.

Loving those gazing globes...


  1. Bob wants to re-do our porch using the same materials as your deck. Is that mold a big problem?