Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unwanted Haircut (Or What Were They Thinking??)

So the other day we came home to find our autumn cherry tree pruned by the Town of Herndon. I had seen them last week pruning in our neighborhood, in fact they cut some branches off some of our pine trees near the street, but I didn't pay much attention. Well, this cherry tree is a different story.  I guess any trees with branches encroaching on the sidewalk are targets and they have been going around town mutilating the trees that arch gracefully over the sidewalks (at least that's how I like to think of my tree). But look at this! It's a horrible job,  not even pruned properly, and now the tree is totally lopsided.

Luckily, Walt emailed the town,  complaining about not being notified, the terrible job, etc. A few hours later,  the town's arborist (yes, we have our very own arborist) wrote back, first to say he would come out and look at it, then a second email to say yes he had come out to look at it and they did not do a very good job (some stubs left too long) and they will be out to repair. Also he said they will trim some more of the tree to balance it out and they will come when we are here so we can watch. Then he wrote a third email to say he forgot to tell us what a nice yard we have and he can understand why we were upset!  I have talked with this guy before and he is very nice, so I hope he will rectify the situaaation. I am a little worried about letting them prune more of the tree, but I guess if I am there I can supervise. Hmmm.

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