Thursday, September 15, 2011

Snowy Whites

Autumn Clematis
 I have alot of color in my garden, but I think my favorite flowers might be the white flowers. I love the crispness of them, and the contrast they make with all the green. One of my dreams is to see Vita Sackville-West's white garden at Sissinghurst.
My dream garden (Sissinghurst)
 I would love to have an all-white garden. Some years ago I attempted to make a "white corner"-- I put white azaleas under a white Snowbell tree (Styrax), with white daffodils. It sounded good but somehow it doesn't scream white garden to me.  Could it be because it's just a corner?!  My autumn clematis is amazing...we cut it back to the ground every spring and look at it now! It is unstoppable. Maybe a little too much, but it's hard to give up the show it makes in the fall. These are all white flowers blooming in my garden this morning, September 15. Not quite Sissinghurst, but still pretty, right?

I love whites against silvery plants like this Japanese fern. And variegated foliage--don't get me started.

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