Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Bob

Last night we went over to Bob and Carol's to celebrate Bob's birthday! It was fun to see them and hear about the first weeks of school for Jackson and Keenan. Carol is back to work, Keenan is playing soccer and lacrosse this fall, and Jackson made the j.v. soccer team at high school, so they are very busy!  Carol made chicken and steak fajitas with onions and peppers, and a rice and black bean dish for dinner. Birthday cake was an apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting, and all was delish. They had just been to the Grand Canyon this summer so we talked alot about our trip and they gave us some tips for things to see and do.
Happy Birthday Bob
Walt and Bob in their pretty yard
And because Bob is going to his 40th high school reunion at St. Joe's this weekend,  and because you know I love the old photos, here is an old one of Bob, I think at his high school graduation.

Bob, 1971?
Not much gardening (well, not any) this weekend, as I had to work on Saturday.  On Sunday morning W and I went for a long walk at Meadowlark and it really felt like fall. W went for his first run since hurting his leg in the afternoon and he felt pretty good, so he's thinking he may still be able to do the MCM in October. It keeps looking like rain around here, but every day is just cloudy and gray. A busy week coming up as I have to work every day. We are getting new computers and a new phone system in the library this week, as well as an upgrade of our catalog and checkout system, so it should be a crazy week at the library. Nothing ever goes smoothly, so we are expecting to be without computers at all for a day or so. That's always fun.

My library during the big rain

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  1. hahahha love the pic of Bob at his high school graduation!