Friday, November 4, 2011

Garden in Early November

Yesterday was a perfect fall day. It was sunny and clear and I did not have to work, so I spent almost the whole day outside. I worked a lot on the side by the garage, which is my worst spot, as I don't pay much attention to that area and it shows. I pulled a lot of weeds, cut down all the peony foliage, tried to pull out the ivy that is threatening to take over...a neverending task.  Maybe I should just plant some shrubs there and mulch it to death, but it is such a sunny spot I am constantly trying to plant flowers there and make it colorful. Right now I have daylilies and peonies there, a butterfly bush, an old lilac,  and my roses, but I am never happy with how it looks.
Succulents headed for garage storage
I also moved all my succulents into the garage for the winter, raked some leaves, and emptied the rest of the pots from the deck.  Here are some pictures of the garden from November 3.

Burning Bush

Mahonia bealei--got this at Monticello! 

Variegated Hydrangea Mariesii

Stray pot

Oakleaf Hydrangea


Last of the roses

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