Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Almost December?

"Love your garden, and work in it, and let it give you what it surely will of sweetness and health...and let no one feel that the benefit is all on the side of the garden. For truly you will receive more than you give."

--Louise B. Wilder (1879-1938), American writer


It was such a beautiful weekend that we worked outside quite a bit. I even washed the cars and then drained the hoses and put them away for the winter. We mulched and raked the leaves one more time... will these leaves never end? The only tree left is the Zelkova and this morning they are mostly down, of course, after the two days we spent mulching and raking.  I cut down my baptisia, as it was all blackened, and the rest of the phlox.  It's always a dilemma what to keep in the garden, because I like to see a little something of interest in the winter. But all in all, things are looking good. Most of my herbs are still doing well. A lot of our neighbors spent the weekend putting up Christmas lights, and it was quite a display walking down the street last night! It's a little hard to feel Christmasy when it is 70 degrees outside. It's nice to be able to do garden cleanup in warm weather, but I am ready for some cold.

Italian parsley


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