Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lizzie Retires

Lois and Liz
One of my dearest friends is retiring from the library on Friday, and last night her library had a very nice retirement party for her. Liz and I first worked together when the new Herndon Library opened in 1995 and she was the circ manager. We became great friends and had such a good time working together. So much fun. Our kids grew up together in Herndon so we went through all the high school stuff together, college applications, first jobs in NYC, etc. Later we both moved on (and up, of course) to different libraries but we have remained good friends ever since.  But now she is ready for a change and hopes to travel (she is a Brit and her brother lives in England), visit her girls and two grandkids, and spend more time just doing the things she wants to do without the constraints of a full-time job! I am happy because she lives nearby so we will be able to do even more things together-- in fact we have already made plans to have dinner next week at NuNu's--our favorite Thai restaurant--and pick out a paint color for her living room. Lois (pictured above with Liz), is another good friend from the old Herndon Library and in fact is who hired both me and Liz for the library back in the day.

It's cold again this morning but is supposed to warm up later to the 60s. I will wait and take a walk later. I really enjoy my walks right now--since I have started writing this blog I pay so much more attention to where I am, always looking for a good photo, of course, and so am really appreciating the fall scenery this year. Then tonight I am doing a make-up yoga class with Elizabeth.

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