Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These Are Just Wrong

Saw these at Espenshades in Lancaster County over the weekend and at first I thought they were fake. But they are not. They are called "Blue Mystique" orchids and here is what I found online:

The Blue Mystique blue orchid is not painted, and it's not hybridized. It is the result of a patented process that infuses white orchids with a special medium. This technique has been perfected after many years of research and testing, using naturally derived elements and remaining environmentally conscious.

Medium schmedium, they are dyed. They kind of give me the creeps.

Paperwhite bulbs

Also, it's getting to be time for paperwhites, so I bought myself 10 bulbs for the holidays. I plant the first 5 in a shallow bowl in early December and they will be blooming for Christmas. Then I save the next 5 for some blooms in the dreary days of January. Did you know that adding some alcohol to the water will keep them from getting too leggy and falling over?

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