Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paperwhites in Bloom

I planted my paperwhites and I can't believe how quickly they have bloomed. Here they are, below,  on January 11 when I planted them. As you can see I plant them in stones, and keep them watered.

Three days later on January 14--

And on January 17--

First blooms on January 19--

And in full bloom on January 20--

I wish you could smell them, because they are so fragrant they make the whole room smell nice. Some people don't like paperwhites because they do have such a strong fragrance, but I like it. They tend to get floppy, so I turn them every day to the light to keep them standing straight but I always have to tie them up, too.  So that's pretty amazing, from bulbs to blooms in 8 days. I plant them 5 at a time and I have 5 more so will plant those in a few weeks for some February blooms.  Just what we need in these dreary days of winter.

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