Friday, January 20, 2012

Wintry Morning

Just kidding! I wish I this was what I was looking out my window at this morning (that is my cherry tree during one of our big snowstorms in 2010).  It is very cold today and we are supposed to get some wintry mix and some icy conditions tonight. You never know, though... Hopefully it will hold off until tonight, as I am working all day. During last year's snow storm in January, the roads were so bad that three of our staff members had to spend the night in the library. That was the night it took Walt six hours to get home from DC. We're all hoping for a big snow so we can see how the library system deals with closings this year, after last year's nightmare.

Here's what I see in mon jardin this morning.

Daisy foliage

Some kind of bulbs, probably tall snowdrops


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  1. Cool pixs, Patsi. You are becoming a photo monster with that new camera.