Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pot Ring Thingys

As I was scrounging around my garage the other day for something, I noticed these pot rings I have and thought I would share them because they solved a container problem for me.  I have a lot of pots in the summer and they always leave rings on the deck, or the front steps, even with saucers under them. So a few summers ago, I found these plastic rings at Home Depot and they are really great. They have little feet on them that lift the pot off the surface and let air get underneath so you don't get those moldy rings. They come in different sizes, so I get them a little smaller than the pot so you don't see them under the pot. They even hold my biggest, heaviest pots. I bought a few at a time and I think I have enough for all my pots now.

Here's the underneath view with the little legs. They really work!

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