Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy Weekend

A very busy weekend here. On Friday night we went out to a German/Euro restaurant here in town with Gillian and Benny. I had schnitzel and potato pancakes, yummo. This accordian lady was hilarious and kept us entertained, strolling by all the tables. We should go there more often,  as it was delicious and we could even walk there from our house. And potato pancakes!

I was looking forward to Saturday cause I didn't have to work and I was hoping we could work outside. We had tons of rain Friday night and Saturday morning so Eileen and Prudy and I decided to go to a craft show out in Leesburg. We picked out a few jewelry items each, then had lunch at Tuscarora's,  and shopped around a little in Leesburg. We found some Sabre silverware (from France) in a little French store there, and of course I bought a piece. How can you resist these not-cheap but cheerful colors?

Sabre shopping
Pretty French pottery
We agreed it was a pretty nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially when the rain stopped and the sun came out. When I got home I found Walt had done a ton of work in the yard, all the yukky stuff I hate like cutting back the clematis and butterfly bushes, and even edged some of the beds! Funny how that worked out. I am crossing things off my list, yahoo!

On Sunday, I did a 2- hour Silent Yoga class. I really like silent class, there is no music, no talking, just following the teacher in different poses. It's very relaxing and was a very pleasant way to spend a cold and chilly Sunday afternoon. After a few warm spring-like days, it has gotten really cold again for a few days, but they say it will be in the 70s by the end of the week. Hard to keep up with this crazy weather we all seem to be having. As I was driving home from yoga, I noticed a small cherry tree in full bloom. I almost swerved off the road to take a picture, but decided it could wait another day, haha!

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