Friday, March 2, 2012

Sure Signs of Spring

One of my favorite things in the spring is to walk by my neighbor's house up the road and admire his crocus blooming in his front yard. He has them naturalized in the lawn, and it's always a big deal (well, for me) to see them blooming--you just know that spring is coming. I have been walking by them every day for the past week and waiting for them to be at their peak bloom for photos, and today was the day! I walk by and pull out my camera discretely, but I sure am dying to look around his whole yard.

We tried doing this several years ago in our tree lawn.  Walt drilled holes in the grass and I planted crocus bulbs in the holes. We thought that was such a brilliant idea to use a drill. A few came up the next spring, but they never really naturalized like these do. And then of course we cut the grass, which you aren't supposed to until the foliage dies. And the fact that the soil in our tree lawn is like cement didn't help, either.

Aren't they so pretty? What a treat for people walking or driving by. I wonder if other people are taking pictures?

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  1. I love the beginning of spring colors, such a contrast to the winter season.