Monday, October 15, 2012

Alex Gets Married

Alex and Tim

We went to Clinton, NY, this weekend, for the wedding of Alex, the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Nitsa. Alex married Tim, who is from New Zealand (they met when Alex was on study abroad in New Zealand), and now they live in Christchurch. Lots of Tim's family and friends came over for the wedding, so it was really fun to get to know them and now we all want to go visit New Zealand (although I know I will never do that because of the 17-hour plane ride). Nitsa's cousins had planned several events for all the out of towners, including the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and a brunch at her cousin Mimi's house on Saturday morning, so by the time we got to the wedding on Saturday night, it felt like we were all friends, which was really nice.  The New Zealanders were so friendly and happy to be there, and loved everything about the United States, which was nice to hear. In his wedding toast, Tim's father was very cute and thanked everyone for making them feel so welcome and said, "you're just like us!" The wedding was lovely, and Alex looked beautiful. Nitsa and I were pregnant together with Alex and Julia, and they were born 2 months apart. Nitsa and Alex lived here in Virginia until Alex was about 8 years old and so Alex and Julia grew up together. When Alex was about 8, they moved to upstate New York. Nitsa and I always loved this picture of the two of them after a visit to the pumpkin patch when they were about 3 years old. It was wonderful to see this beautiful young woman all grown up and getting married!

Alex and Julia
We have known Nitsa's family for a long time and it was great to see them all again and see her nieces and nephews all grown up!  We had a lovely weekend, so fun to share this big event with our friend Nitsa.

Nitsa (on right) with her sister Muffin

Nitsa with her cousin Susie and brother Bill

Me, Nitsa, Cynthia

Nana from New Zealand making her entrance

Alex and Nitsa mother-daughter dance

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