Monday, October 8, 2012

Signs of Fall

I found my stash of yarn the other day and started in on a sweet little baby hat.  We've been going to so many weddings lately, there's got to be some babies in the future don't you think? It's funny how cooler temps make me want to start some kind of project. Knitting makes me think of my mom, and want to be like her. She knitted all year round, not just in the winter, and she made all kinds of  sweaters for all her kids and grandkids, and countless afghans that we all still use (I am sitting with a soft green one right now). I used to love Fair Isle sweaters and she learned how to make those just for me, and I can't even think how many Fair Isle sweaters she knitted for me. She even made one for a friend of mine after she admired mine. She made me and Julia matching sweaters, which I still have. But her signature item was the baby owl sweaters with the button eyes that all our babies had. I have her typewritten instructions for that and have tried to make that owl sweater (a long story, including my knitting bag and that almost-finished owl sweater being stolen from our car when we were in North Carolina several years ago), but haven't actually finished one yet. Maybe that will be something to work on this winter.  That was a nice tradition my mom had of giving those owl sweaters to new babies.  Oh, and she made all her grandchildren knitted Christmas stockings. My kids love theirs because they are the biggest stockings ever!

My mom's owl sweater, made for Brooks
Cute little cable owls
I definitely have to learn how make this sweater.

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  1. Go ahead. Rub it in that your almost finished owl sweater and knitting supplies were stolen from your car while in North Carolina. I feel terrible, OK? If I ever knit one myself, I'll give it to you. Whew. Bob ;-)