Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tapestry of Colors

I really have to get outside and do some clean up in the gardens. We have been away so much this month, I feel really disconnected from my garden.  I was just reading an article in an old Fine Gardening about whether to clean up your garden in the fall or wait until spring. It seems most people advise waiting until spring to cut back everything, but I like the idea of getting things cut back and  cleaned up and "put to bed" before winter. We'll see. While there is not a lot blooming right now in late October, there is plenty of color. I love this view out my kitchen window of the back fence. I like to think of all those vines weaving together like a tapestry, with a random zinnia peeking out, and the yellowing foliage of hostas and hellebores. By this time last year,  I had already cleaned out most of my pots, but many of this year's pots are still going strong.

Lantana--one of the best
I do love the colors of fall, and the trees this year are spectacular. I need to do a tree photography session soon. When I drive to work now, I take a different road through Reston just to see and appreciate  a beautiful stretch of trees turning colors right now. It's so easy to just drive mindlessly and not notice things, but I am making a conscious effort to look!

Solomon's Seal


Fading variegated hydrangea

Virginia creeper and hyacinth bean

Hyacinth bean blooms

Christmas cactus setting blooms (in dark purple leaves)

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  1. Your yard still looks nice. It is amazing how warm it still is. I have roses, marigolds, vinca and all still going crazy. My cherry tomato plant is also still producing and ripening. I love it but it throws me off. Not ready to surrender to winter.