Monday, October 29, 2012

USMC Marathon and Hurricane Sandy

Ready to run
We had a busy weekend, mostly taken up with the USMC Marathon yesterday. Of course everyone's mind was on Hurricane Sandy, but the race went off well, only a slight drizzle at the beginning and some wind, but no big rain. They were incredibly lucky, as one day later and it would have been canceled. It's very inspiring to watch this race--all these people who have made such a commitment to run the distance. Walt had a good run, but says this will be his last marathon. I've heard that before...

The start of the race

Yea for the Marines

Hello monument
Almost to the finish line and he's still running!
The rain started last night and has not stopped, and it's only supposed to get worse later today. Everything here is closed--federal government, schools, libraries, no metro or metro buses. It's so weird to have a weather event like this in October. We are expecting massive power outages, strong winds, and tons of rain. This rain is scary already. Hurricane Sandy is here. Fingers crossed.

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