Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Root Glen at Hamilton College

On Saturday afternoon before the wedding, Nitsa's friend Maribeth, Walt, and I went for a walk in Root Glen, a beautiful seven- acre wooded garden and ravine located on the edge of Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.  I have been there before with Nitsa, but I wanted to go back while we were there, and see the gardens in  the fall. I have always been interested in Root Glen, because it is famous for its collection of tree peonies. In the 1920s Hamilton chemistry professor A.P. Saunders became well known for his work hybridizing tree peonies, and he is responsible for 73 named varieties, including the yellow tree peony 'Argosy.' Of course the tree peonies were not blooming, but I enjoyed seeing the peony beds nonetheless, and could just imagine how beautiful it must be in bloom. Maribeth said she has seen the tree peonies many years, and in fact her son's graduation pictures were taken in the tree peony gardens. I guess I will just have to come back sometime in May! 

We then took a short drive around the beautiful grounds of Hamilton College, which is where Nitsa works.  The day was so gorgeous, with cool temperatures and a nice breeze, leaves falling--it was a picture perfect autumn day.

Loved these redbuds against the gray and green building

The Hemock enclosed perennial garden

One row of tree peonies--use your imagination

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