Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Columbus Day in DC

We had some French treats yesterday in DC chez Paul, a pain au chocolat et aux amandes, who knew they made pain au chocolat with almonds too? Best of both worlds, I was so excited. With a cafe creme, I pretended I was in Paris.

We went downtown to see a new exhibit at the National Gallery called "The Serial Portrait: Photography and Identity in the Last 100 Years." There were over 100 photographs by 20 different artists who photographed the same subjects--mostly friends, family, and themselves--over the course of days, months, and years. One panel was a group of black and white photographs of four sisters, taken by the husband of one of the sisters,  photographed every year since 1975. Also interesting were serial photographs of  the painter Georgia O'Keefe, taken by her husband, American photographer Alfred Stieglitz.

After seeing the exhibit (no photos allowed), we walked around the Mall for awhile as it was a nice crisp fall day (yea fall!), and wandered through the sculpture gardens of both the National Gallery and the Hirschhorn Museum, admiring both the sculpture and the fleurs. A nice day.

The Burghers of Calais,  Rodin
Hey, here's my guy Balzac again,  Rodin
Crouching Woman,  Rodin

Monumental Head,  Giacometti
And I loooove  this stainless steel tree. I'd like one of these in my yard please.

View of the National Archives

National Mall

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