Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little Tool Maintenance

Yesterday was a chilly day, but the sun was out, so I decided to do a little garden tool maintenance out in the garage. I got out the WD-40 and cleaned and oiled my favorite hand tools, and then went to work on the hand pruners. I have a cheapish pair and 2 pair of Felcos,  No. 2. The Felcos last forever--I have had one pair for probably 20 years. (I really can't believe I haven't lost a pair, as I am always misplacing them, or leaving a pair in the garden somewhere, so it is somewhat of a miracle that I still have that original pair.)  Last fall I read in Fine Gardening magazine about this nifty little sharpening tool, called Speedy Sharp. It sharpens your garden pruners and small garden tools easily and quickly, so I ordered it online. I tried it out yesterday and it seems to work great.  You just put the sharpening blade at a 45' angle to the blade you are sharpening and use about 5 or 6 smooth strokes.  You won't believe what a difference it makes with sharp pruners. I like this little tool cause it's so compact and it can sharpen anything with a blade, even the curvy blades of my pruners, and you can just keep it in your pocket.

Next on my list is to take down the gourd birdhouses and clean them up, and then put a coat of spray shellac on them.

And I'm happy to see all my pots again after the long winter.  I am partial to terra cotta. I have a few of those recycled material pots and I like them, but terra cotta always wins on looks, hands down. Love my ruffled pots.

And my succulents are still hanging out in the garage. I gave them a little water a few weeks ago when it seemed like spring was on its way. They can go back outside in a few weeks, if it ever starts to warm up.

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