Friday, March 22, 2013

McCoy Flower Pots

Back in the day when I was really into antiquing and flea markets, I started collecting McCoy flower pots. McCoy was a manufacturer of pottery in the early 1900s from Zanesville, Ohio, and their pottery has become quite collectible.  I first started buying them because I liked their colors (green) and their floral designs,  but then I started getting into it and looking for different designs and now I have a pretty nice collection of pots. There are a lot of pottery planters out there, and a lot of reproductions,  but the way to find "the real McCoy" is to look for the mark on the bottom of the pot.  I use my planters all the time, and while I am not in the collecting mode anymore, I still keep an eye out for anything unusual when I am at a flea. I know my kids will be happy to have them someday. Haha!

This one is my favorite--it's tiny, only about 2 1/2" tall.

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