Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Monday Morning Surprise

Out my window this morning

More snow! I wonder if these will be the last snow pictures of the winter?  I love the snow so much and we have gotten so little the past few years that every snowfall now seems like a gift, even on the 25th of March. It was wonderful to wake up this morning and look out the window and see white. Winter just doesn't want to let go, it seems. It's okay with me.

I am going in to work this morning, but for now am sitting here enjoying my tea and the snow (still falling!), and listening to our new Sonos wireless hi-fi system.  Yesterday Brooks helped me pick it out and set it up, and it's amazing. I am a radio fan so love having this new toy to play with.

There's a cherry blossom bud under that snow

Oh hello there

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  1. Love love love our Sonos. Try songza if you haven't yet. That's our favorite.