Friday, March 15, 2013

Which Zinnias to Choose?

So many zinnias to choose from! Those seed packet displays at the nursery are so enticing, especially in the chilly days of winter.  But I found these seeds especially tempting, with their pretty watercolor designs. I always plant zinnias from seed, and I picked up a few packets of 'Peppermint Stick' and 'Cut and Come Again' last week at the nursery. But I will be choosing more varieties in the weeks ahead and am going to order a few also that I can't find locally.  It's fun to look at catalogs online and see the multitude of varieties that available.  I can't seem to help myself when it comes to zinnias. Below are some of the zinnias seeds I plant every year~ I always do the 'Cut and Come Again,' they are great for cut flowers and I find they are the most mildew resistant. I also plant the 'Peppermint Stick,' the lime green 'Envy,' and the small 'Profusion' zinnias, which are great to use as borders.

I love this 'Queen Red Lime' zinnia, but have never seen the seeds around here. That is one I will be ordering from Burpees. Also the 'Tequila Lime,' another lime green variety I want to try. If you sign up for their email newsletter, you get free shipping. There's a bunch more  ('Purple Prince') I'll probably order too. I could look at pictures of zinnias all day long...

'Queen Red Lime' zinnia (via Burpee)
White 'Profusion' zinnias (via Burpee)

'Candy Cane' zinnia (photo via Fine Gardening)

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