Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Six Years

I really like Harlan Coben's books (loved Gone for Good, and Tell No One),  but this newest book left me disappointed.  I found myself turning the pages faster and faster, just wanting to get to the end and be done with it.  Six years ago, college professor Jake Fisher fell in love with Natalie; suddenly she broke it off with him and married an old boyfriend a few days later. He goes to her wedding and she makes him promise to leave her alone. And he did--for six years--until he reads an obituary of her husband in the local paper. Jake then goes looking for her, and guess what, she is nowhere to be found and no one has ever heard of her. The dead husband turns out to have been married to someone else, and even the church where she was married denies that there was a wedding there six years ago. So off Jake goes on the trail of this convoluted mystery. I never really got into the characters, or the plot. I did finish it, just to see what happened, but it's not a book I would recommend. I get so annoyed with these authors who seem to stick with a certain formula in all their books. It just doesn't hold up after so many tries. IMHO. Coincidentally the Washington Post gave this a great review yesterday, so what do I know.

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