Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Out my kitchen window

Woohoo, I have been waiting for snow all winter long, and today we are finally getting a real snowstorm. Those crazy weather people in metro DC have named this storm 'Snowquester.'  Aren't they so funny. All schools are closed, the federal government is closed, but guess what,  Fairfax County libraries are open, hmmm, no surprise there. Luckily they have something called liberal leave, which many of us are using today instead of trekking into work. It's really not too bad right now, but it is supposed to snow heavily all day long, so hopefully we will get a good snowfall by the end of the day. 

And of course I bundled up already this morning and went out to take some pictures of my snowy garden. It's a very wet snow, so we are worried about trees and shrubs breaking, and power outages. It sounds like there are already lots of power outages in Virginia.  It is really coming down right now, and because we are warm and cozy in our house, I am hoping it snows all day long. The other day at the library I was talking to a customer about the impending snowstorm, and she said she too was hoping we would get a lot of snow. I asked her where she was from, and she grew up in Cleveland!


  1. Am downtown at work and it is now snowing like mad but nothing is sticking. Rain all morning. Depressing. I want some accumulation!

  2. Like the idea of being home but it is a wet, yucky snow. Or to quote Keenan, "if this is all the kind of snow we get, I am disappointed".

  3. It's been sunny and nice in Cleveland all day.