Monday, March 11, 2013


Crocus blooming in the Bishop's Garden

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and after spending most of the weekend not feeling very well, and working outside for awhile in the garden, I decided to go down to the National Cathedral for their Sunday Evensong service at 4 pm. We have been to this late afternoon service before, and really enjoyed it.  It is quite an experience to hear the service given almost entirely in music by Cathedral choirs, especially in such a magnificent place. This time it was the Cathedral boys choir singing. Of course it's also an excuse for me to walk through the Bishop's Garden on the grounds of the Cathedral,  one of my favorite places in DC. There were lots of people out enjoying the gorgeous weather, people reading on the benches, students lounging on the grass,  and kids were loving all the secret places in the garden.  There wasn't much blooming yet, some snowdrops, crocus, and lots of hellebores, but I could tell they had been busy in the gardens, as all the roses were neatly pruned, the perennials had been cut back, and beds were waiting to be planted.

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