Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beach Weekend at Rehoboth

Dusk on the beach

Prudy, Eileen, and I spent the past weekend at Prudy's place in Rehoboth Beach. We had a great time, really relaxed the whole weekend. We walked the boardwalk, shopped in Reho and Lewes, went to happy hours both nights, cooked up some delicious scallops, laughed a lot,  and talked about all the things we are going to do when we retire!

Boardwalk at dusk
There were lots of signs of spring to be seen in Lewes. It's such a pretty little town, such charming houses and sweet little pocket gardens. 

Saturday was a perfect day for kites on the beach, cool and windy. Just look at that blue sky!

Prudy, Eileen, and me, with the cookbook we cooked up 5 years ago this weekend

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  1. We are a colorful trio in that colorful condo. Great weekend with the girlfriends. We better retire soon, we have a long list of fun pursuits to start working on.