Monday, April 15, 2013

Time for Some Pink

A beautiful spring weekend, starting with a wedding downtown on Saturday for the daughter of our good friends Mark and Mary. It was a perfect day for a cherry blossom themed DC wedding, and we had a great time!

Just married

Then yesterday we worked outside all day, checking lots of things off my to do list. I finally cleaned out and shellac-ed all my gourd birdhouses and hung them in the trees, and by late afternoon the birds were already checking them out, flying from one to another. They really love those gourd birdhouses, and they are always in use. I think they've been waiting for me!  It's really feeling like spring now, so much color outside, flowers blooming,  and trees leafing out.  I especially love those fat green buds of the hostas and the delicate fronds of ferns unfurling through the soil. The trees are all in flower now--my cherry tree is so lush and delicious right now, I just want to bury my face in it.  The dogwoods, serviceberry, redbuds, and my viburnum carelesii are all in bloom. I went out this morning for some pictures, and it's all about pink today.

Pink dogwood


Viburnum carlesii

Cherry tree

Bleeding heart

Pink pulmonary

Bleeding heart, unfurling

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