Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fleurs: White

Daffodil 'Acropolis'

Isn't this just about the most luscious daffodil you have ever seen? It's like pure cream. I love white flowers, and seeing these pictures makes me want more. My serviceberry tree (amelanchier) just had the most delicate white cotton-like flowers, but sadly I was too slow to photograph them and they have pretty much been replaced by leaves now. Even the viburnum is on its way out already. But I love these early spring whites, especially those snowdrops that have spread throughout my perennial garden.  Btw, these were all blooming last year on March 23--a full three weeks earlier than this year. I wish I had some white tulips to look forward to...

Tall snowdrops {Galanthus}


White azalea 'New Delaware,'  just beginning

Tall snowdrops {Galanthus}

And okay, I couldn't resist this yellow...

Yellow 'Cheerfulness' Narcissus

Viburnum carlesii

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