Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pansies in the Rain

Is there anything more cheerful than pansies?  I don't think so. We had a nice rain last night and it was still lightly sprinkling as I was outside taking some pictures this morning. I love love love how the spring garden looks in the rain, everything so new and neat. I could take pictures forever of my plants just beginning to grow, all those lovely leaves unfurling.

Everything is looking pretty good, I have been weeding and transplanting a few things, so I am happy to see this rain which will help everything settle in. I have sprinkled bone meal around all the perennials and rose food around the roses. I transplanted some lily of the valley that had been buried beneath a hydrangea, and some anemones and perennial geraniums. I love these variegated lily of the valley (below), which I dug up from my sister's house in Ohio a few years ago. I have tons of lily of the valley, even some pink ones and these variegated ones too.

If it stops raining later, I may go out and try to do a little edging as this is the perfect time to take that on, when the soil is damp.

And a sneak preview, look what's just starting to bloom. Yum.

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