Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcoming Spring in Leesburg

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, sunny but cool, a perfect day for one of my favorite spring traditions, the Leesburg Flower Festival. Usually Gillian and I go together,  but she was out of town this weekend so I was on my own this year (not nearly as much fun!). This is a two day festival to spring, with the main streets in downtown Leesburg closed off and set up with flower and garden vendors, and landscape companies who set up whole gardens for display. This year they even built a chicken coop and a very cute garden shed (what I wouldn't give for a cute garden shed...).  I have found plenty of garden treasures there over the years, birdhouses, garden art, plants, tools, and lots of garden inspiration.

Salad greens and herbs

Some of my favorite things this year were these old vintage trucks planted with succulents. Each one was better than the next!  Aren't they great? I may have to dig out some old Tonka trucks from my basement...

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  1. I will go next time:) Such fun springtime things.