Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garden Statuary

I am a fan of garden statuary and most garden tchotchkes in general. Some people think they are tacky but I think they give a garden personality. I'm not talking about garden gnomes here or pink flamingos.  I have a few small concrete things, a rabbit and a frog, a hedgehog. I do have a green gazing globe, but I make no apologies, I love my gazing globe, I had it before they even became popular.  Of course you can have too much. I don't think I am there yet, though. I have friends who will tell me when I get to that point.  I really like the expensive concrete statuary, the classical types. I am on the lookout for a good Buddha, not too big, not too jolly, and a St. Francis or a St. Fiacre as well. Now St. Francis and St. Fiacre are easy to find, but I am so pick-y. Not too big, not too small...I want one that is just right. And he has to have a good face...

Last week after work one day I stopped at a garden market near my work called Sam's. It is on a corner on one of the busiest streets in Northern Virginia, but it it looks the same as it probably has for the past 40 years. They have the best collection of garden statuary I have seen around here, and I like to stop in once in awhile and check out their inventory. You just browse among all the statuary on a big shady lot, as the cars go whizzing by. It's a little sanctuary on Route 7. They have wonderful stone pots and urns, planters,  tons of bird baths, columns, fountains, benches, and all kinds of statuary--animals, buddhas, busts, religious, etc.  I didn't buy anything, but I love the looking. Oh, and they have nice plants too, an especially good collection of shade perennials.


St. Fiacre

Great planters

Loved her
Lots of birdbaths, I like the square one

Many years ago, Walt and the kids gave me the statue below for Mother's Day--and it was from Sam's. I've probably had her for 20 years, so these are made to last. It's my favorite ornament in my garden.


  1. OK Ellen, looks like it worked this time. As I said before, I just love, love the Buddha. You should buy it! Though it does look enormous. You have made me want to go to Sam's!

  2. That St Fiacre looks like Santa Claus. He should not look so jolly, more serene. St Francis also. Don't buy a smiley saint.