Friday, June 14, 2013

Julia's European Adventures

Julia and Sheila in Paris

Julia got home yesterday from her trip to Europe and I had asked her to take a picture in every city she visited so I could do her travelogue on the blog!  She did pretty good with the pictures, except for Rome. She started out in Paris for the wedding of a high school friend, which was really fun,  then took the train south with a friend to Bordeaux,  then on to Venice, Florence, Rome, Budapest, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. She even met up with some friends in Budapest that she had met when she worked in Budapest a few years ago. She had a great time and had some amazing meals-- I couldn't resist showing the picture of the oysters and the patisserie in Paris, of course.

Julia and Hampton in Bordeaux

Patisserie in France

Venice (love that gondola)

Oysters in Bordeaux



 Budapest skyline

Julia and Hungarian friends in Budapest


Biking in Copenhagen

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