Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mini Hostas

I have a thing for mini hostas. I started putting a few under this Japanese Maple tree a few years ago, but I'm running out of room since I also stuck in this succulent border last year, and they actually survived the winter. I might have to take out that azalea that is taking up so much room.  I bought two new mini hostas this spring in PA, Chartreuse Wiggles, and  Love Pat.  Mini hostas have the cutest names. I think the little hosta on the left is Mouse Ears. Who could resist a plant called Mouse Ears, right?

I have noticed that several of my bigger hostas in the back perennial garden are getting leaf burn. When I planted them years ago, there was a big goldenrain tree there to shade them, but a few years ago we had that removed and now those hostas are in full sun, not the best for them.

Can you guess which one is Chartreuse Wiggles? The other is Love Pat.
We're supposed to be getting some severe storms this morning that are moving in from the west. It's hard to believe because it's so calm and sunny right now.

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