Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning in the Garden

Backyard rose

It's such a great time for the garden right now, everything is looking so lush and green. We had a crazy thunderstorm last night, with terrible thunder and lightning, but everything seems okay this morning. I worked in the garden a lot this weekend, tearing out a lot of Boston ivy that was threatening to take down the fence. I continued with staking some plants, and tying up my autumn clematis along the gate. I also trimmed back all the catmint and candytuft that borders my front garden, attempting to keep it neat and tidy. I am also overrun with lily of the valley in the front bed, so even though I hated to do it, I tore out a lot of that, too (I have a lot in other areas too, where I am happier to let it spread).

My styrax tree is blooming too, and looks so pretty, even as the flowers fall to the ground.

 And the hostas and ferns are so happy right now, before the really hot days of summer begin to crisp them up.

Hellebore, Hosta, and Fern

And a random foxglove popped up in the front perennial garden. I haven't had foxgloves for a couple of years, but this one must have been hibernating and decided to bloom this year. I love foxgloves, but our hot and humid summers are not their favorite climate. When I deadhead flowers like this,  I usually shred them right in the garden. I have had a lot of plants re-seed in this way, and results in surprises like this one.


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