Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday Dinner at the Bissells

Yesterday we went out to Bristow, to my niece Jill's house for dinner, as Tom and Evie were in town for a visit. Jill's daughter Hayden had a dance recital this weekend, so they came to watch her performances. It was fun to see everyone, and especially to see all the changes Jill and Drew have done to their yard. They have a large wooded lot and they have done a lot of work,  adding curved beds, lots of shrubs and trees and it looks beautiful. It's very restful with all those trees. Sunday was a hot day but by the time dinner rolled around it was very pleasant sitting out on the deck among all their trees. 

Halle and Hayden
Drew, Biff, and Walt
Earlier in the day I went to to several gardens on our town's annual garden tour. It's always fun to see other people's gardens--I was so excited because one of my favorite gardens in town was on the tour, and I spent over an hour at just that one garden--so much to see. I'll be back with pictures soon.

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