Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lavender and More

I am happy to see my lavender hedge blooming right now, because I cut it back pretty drastically this spring and it was looking kind of sad for awhile. However,  I have to remember that it is pretty much okay to cut this back at any time--it always comes back.  This is mostly the 'Munstead' variety of lavender, with a stray 'Hidcote' (the darker blue) in there too.

And I read about this tip in Fine Gardening: To keep your birdbath clean, tie up a small bundle of lavender and put it in the water. Change it once a week. Mine develops a lot of algae, so I am giving this a try and am hoping it helps--so far I think it is better.

There's lots blooming in the garden right now, astilbe, daisies, larkspur, yarrow, coreopsis, still some roses.  And all the hydrangeas are just beginning. We''re supposed to get some thunderstorms today--I have hardly had to water at all this year because of all the rain we have had.


Rose and Larkspur

Larkspur, Achillea

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  1. The prettiest flower in your garden is the one in the deck chair. :)